A Message From Our Director

 Dear all, 

COVID-19 is something which has abruptly taken over everyone's day-to-day lives. I would urge everyone to follow the government's advice and stay at home. 

We support individuals as 'keyworkers' within the health and social care sector, as such we are dealing with pressures like we have never before. Our staff are working hard to be as flexible in their approach as possible and we appreciate this greatly. We also appreciate the support and kind words from friends, service users and their families.

At this time we are continually reviewing our priorities daily and sometimes hourly in order to best meet the demand and needs of individuals. If you are someone we support and are worried and need to speak to someone, please call the office or email our general enquiries email.

I wish everyone well, please keep safe. I would like to reiterate that we will do whatever we can to ensure as many people are supported in the safest way possible.

Marcus Nisbet


Coronavirus Information

What Is it?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an illness caused by a new virus strain originating in Wuhan city, China. It can cause illness as well as severe symptoms in people such as those with weakened immune systems, older people and those with long term conditions such as diabetes, cancer and respiratory problems such as asthma.


The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are a fever/high temperature (37.8C or greater);

  • Feeling hot to touch on your chest or back
  • You don't need to measure your temperature
  • You may feel warm, cold or shivery

And/or a new, continuous cough, which is described as;

  • A new cough that has lasted for an hour
  • 3 or more episodes of coughing in 24 hours
  • You are coughing more than usual

Advanced symptoms may also include;

  • A shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)
  • Fatigue

What to do

I have had mild symptoms

I have severe symptoms or my symptoms have persisted

I have severe symptoms or my symptoms have persisted

If you have developed Coronavirus symptoms such as a fever or new, continuous cough, you should;

  • Stay home for 7 days from the start of your symptoms
  • Avoid going outside or meeting with others unless necessary or unavoidable (known as self-isolating)
  • Do not go to your GP, pharmacy or hospital

If your symptoms grow worse or persist after 7 days, phone 111.

I have severe symptoms or my symptoms have persisted

I have severe symptoms or my symptoms have persisted

I have severe symptoms or my symptoms have persisted

If your symptoms persist or are already serious, you should phone 111, especially if you;

  • Are 70 years old or over
  • Have underlying poor health
  • Have heart or lung problems
  • Have a weakened immune system, including cancer
  • Have diabetes

If you have a medical emergency, phone 999 and tell them you have COVID-19 symptoms.

Where can I keep up-to-date on current advice?

Downloadable Resources

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Additional Information

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