Our Support

Mental Health and Wellbeing

 We strive to promote positive mental health and well-being for everyone we support, we focus on recovery in line with best practice as set out by the Scottish Recovery Network, Scottish Executive and other guidance as necessary. We work with individuals with a focus on outcomes which in turn promote self-esteem, provide hope and begin to build-up the foundations to a successful and fulfilled life. 

Autism Spectrum Condition

 We support people with autism spectrum condition, some individuals may have autism with a learning disability and others may just have autism or autism and another condition. Research suggests that over 1 in 100 people may be on the autism spectrum, it is a lifelong condition and there is no ‘cure’. People who are affected by autism usually have difficulties with communication, social interaction, flexibility in thinking, & sensory differences.  

Older People Support

 Specialist Resource Solutions can support you to live at home and live as independent a life as possible. We strive to promote a better quality of life to everyone we support. We have staff available to support you to meet your needs, in order to live within your own home and experience the things you need and want. 


Care Planning

 As a reputable provider, and as a requirement of registration, we maintain high standards of service through working in partnership with all partners, other stakeholders, and professionals. We recognize the importance of person centered care and  promote full participation in the decision making process as far as practical with individuals and their families/guardian to ensure your wishes, aspirations and goals are identified and met. 

Referral Form

If you are looking to use Specialist Resource Solution's services, please download and fill out the below referral form before returning it to enquiries@specialist-resource-solutions.co.uk